January 11, 2021

Women love makeup when it comes to shopping then there are 90% of women who spend half of the money to buy makeup. It is a fact according to a survey. There are various products when it comes to cosmetics and the quality of each product matters. There are various online shopping sites in Pakistan where you can get a variety of products which have the best quality hut when it comes to price then Retro Threads offer you the best price possible on our Cosmetic products.

Top online shopping stores in Pakistan offer you the best products but we care about you as you are paying to get what you desire and we not only obey and respect that but we also make sure that you can have what you desire at the lowest price possible with that you will also get no compromise on the quality of the product as we have a process through which your product is gone through and then delivered at your doorstep. We have a wide range when it comes to cosmetics. Here are some categories of cosmetics.

Face Cosmetic:

Our facial cosmetic items are top of the line as these are used for makeup we care to make you look beautiful all the time. These products are close to branded as they can give you similar results as the branded products would give. With that, there are various factors to look upon when it comes to makeup such as the quality of the makeup the wear and tear it can take, and much more. Retro Threads try to cover all of it and check all the boxes.

Eye Cosmetics:

There are various makeup categories when it comes to eyes for example extensions, liners, and much more. When it comes to the quality of each of our eye products then it can handle some wear and tear as your eye is the most affected when it comes to any emotional moment or the happy moment but your eye makeup won’t be affected by that it will only help you look beautiful all the time.

Lips Cosmetics:

Lips are the most attractive facial feature of a woman and we provide makeup that can help you look even beautiful with our different types of lipsticks, or liners to pop your lips out and make them more affectionate.

Hand & Feet:

Retro threads help you keep your hand and your feet moisturized as the weather can get under your skin and due tonight you can have damaged skin which can cause your skin to rapture, get dull, and much more. We provide products to make sure that your skin always glows all the time due to our products you can have perfect and smooth skin. These products are made with proper medical ingredients hence we can help you care for your skin and make sure that you have perfect and flawless skin all the time. 


Nails of women are the most prestigious part when it comes to beauty, there are various since online shopping in Pakistan has been a trend there are various products for beauty and cosmetics including nails and other categories. But retro threads care about our consumers and we provide you the best quality when it comes to nail polishes, remover, and much more.


There are different products when it comes to hairs. There are various products to help your hair to make them shiny and glowing all the time. Some people also want long hairs and we also provide extensions for your hairs to make them look longer.

Ever since e-shopping websites are common in Pakistan that why there are different quality of products to choose from and Retro Threads precedes its reputation when it comes to quality if it is only for cosmetics then we have a wide range of products to choose from which are of high quality.

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